Monday, December 10, 2012

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To Predict Dating Success, The Secret's In The Pronouns by, Alix Spiengel explains how a guy looks

Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Struggle For Smarts? How Easteern and Westerns Cultures Tackle Learning by Alix Spiegel, captures the ideas of how other cultures veiw struggle.

In Eastern and Western Asia teachers veiw struggle diferently then teachers in America. In America most people veiw struggle as a lack of intellegence and students in America also think its a bad thing to struggle but its not. In Eastern Asia they look at struggle as an opportunity to improve and children in Eastern Asia are not ashamed of struggling. Allowing kids to struggle also allows them to build up confidence and learn from their mistakes. It is shocking that people in America shoot struggle down so harshly, embracing struggle in America would be helpful because kids in America are expected to know alot and to struggle little. In America we have allowed struggle to become something that kids dont want to do and are embarassed to do which creates problems because then they are afraid to ask questions which ultimatley leads to low grades. America encourages good grade and have high expectations but we should allow struugle to, struggle will ultimatley lead to success.

Friday, November 16, 2012

To Predict Dating Success, The Secrets in Pronouns by, Alix Spiegel explains what certain words in the American language mean and why people use them.

In the article Pennebaker looks into the words that make conversaitions more interesting. Pennebaker explains that common things that people talk about while dating is family, life, and friends. In this article he explores the use and importance of pronouns and why people use them so much. Pennebaker explains that when humans talk that pronous just come to us without a thought and it doesnt mean that it is grammatically correct thats just how we speak. When reading this article it was interesting to see what Pennebaker thought about how americans speak. Reading this article also made me realize that most of what is said by people isnt usually grammatically correct. Pennebakers job is to look into the english launguage and I had no idea there was such a job. Reading this article gave a new meaning to grammar and how it is used on a daily bases and how its not always grammatically correct.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


"Colorado, Washington pass marajuana legalization: Oregon says,no" by CNN political unit explains why people want marijuana legalized.

People in Colorado and in Washington say that they have voted yes to Ammendment 64 because they believe the government will use some of the money to fund schools and to helps us get out of debt. Marijuana has been illegal for so long its weird for some people to think anyone would vote yes to Ammendment 64. Ammendment 64 has not been passed or finalized and it will be interesting to see what will happen whether or not it will be passed or if it will fail. By legalizing marijuana America will being allowing narijuana to be sold and consumed, by doing this people might not sell as much or consume as much becuase its illegal and its not as cool to do. It is up to the government to decide what the money goes to and if its not used to do what people who voted for it thought it would be used for will they regret voting yes to it? Legalizing might have opened a new door to either help America or hurt it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


"The article Moab man embrasses simple life living in a cave" by, Jason Bevlin demonstrates a life without society which is a simple life.

The article "Moab man embrasses simple life living in a cave" by Jason Belvin is inspiring becuase it shows a man whos lives nine years basically without society. Daniel Seulo is a forty eight year old man who lives in the wild and proves that it is possible to live without society. Many people now a days could in the world now a days problably would not be able to go nine years without cell phones or computers or the comforts of there home and Daniel did it for nine years. Even though without society he probably would not of been able to live in the middle of no where for nine years he still managed to live completely alone without a phone or computer or even a house. He allowed people to look at life differently and to not be so relient of society.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


         Jets have one option: Start Tebow, by Jen Floyd Engel is a suprising article about the New York Jets not using Tebow enough. Other football teams that have played the Jets were also suprised that Tebow hasnt played very much yet. Also in the artical people think that Mark Sanchez shoud retire becuase they dont think he is going to bounce back. It was suprising to me that so many people thought that Mark Sanchez isnt going to bounce back from the off season hes had so far and think that playing Tebow is a better idea because he is more reliable. It was also shocking to hear that some people think that having a back up quarter back is a bad idea because they never play or they arent played enough.

                    I thought Jets have one option: Start Tebow was an interesting article becuase I never thought so many people supported Tebow over Sanchez. After reading this ariticle I was amazed at how many people think that Tebow should be starting more games over Mark Sanchez becuase they feel like based on the game Tebow has played before he would be a more eligable player for the games. I think Tebow is good but I had no idea that people wanted him to start. I didnt know that people thought having a back up quarter back was not a good idea. I think even though back up quarterbacks dont play as much it is still a good idea to have them just in case. I think the Jets should start Tebow a couple of games just to give him a chance and to give Sanchez a break and just see how it goes. I think that should keep back up quarterbacks because not having one could end up being worse then having one you never use.  

Thursday, September 27, 2012


In 'Children Succed' With Charater, Not Test Scores, by NPR staff was shocking, the article stated that children build character and that shows there intellegence. This article was really suprising to me becuase I didnt know intellegence could be meassured any other way then by test, and I never thought someone else would think that. If building character is what some people think is how you test intellegence then why do we need test? I thought it was interesting that some people think that college is the easy way for some people and that college might not be helpful for some people. This article also made the impression that college shouldnt be a top prority and that some people actually go throught tough things and that people just go to college to have an easy life.
                 In 'Children Succed' With Character, Not Test Scores, by NPR Staff was shocking because it made the impression on me that education and college shouldnt be the top priority and that there are actually challenges.  When the article said that college was for people who wanted and easy life it made me think does college really challenge people? I thought college was for people who wanted to get a degree and people who wanted to get a good job. I also thought it was interesting that they compared college to real issues that people deal with. I also thought it was interesting that they told the story about a girl who had some many problems outside of school and she made it through highschool, it made it seem like the people who didnt have those problems just had it easy and I disagree. I think its a big assumption that people who dont have problems outside of school dont have problems in highschool.