Monday, August 27, 2012

PLN #1

     The video "A Vision of Students Today," by Michael Wesch was interesting to me because it was about students/ people like me so it was easy for me to relate to them and how they use technology. I think technology is a good thing to use and most people prefer using technology over regular texts books or other things used to learn. I think its interesting to see how other people use technology and how much they use it while they learn. It makes me think about what other ways people can use technology besides in schools and in academic atmospheres. I thought another interesting thing about the video was how much students used technology by themselves for other things besides school work, like emails.
          The video ''A Vision of Students Today,'' was about different students using technology in different ways. Many students didn't use technology for academic reasons but some did. Most students like using technology over texts books because they have technology around them everyday and most of the things they have like, cellphones is a good way to stay involved with school and having a fun time learning.