Thursday, November 29, 2012

PLN 10

Struggle For Smarts? How Easteern and Westerns Cultures Tackle Learning by Alix Spiegel, captures the ideas of how other cultures veiw struggle.

In Eastern and Western Asia teachers veiw struggle diferently then teachers in America. In America most people veiw struggle as a lack of intellegence and students in America also think its a bad thing to struggle but its not. In Eastern Asia they look at struggle as an opportunity to improve and children in Eastern Asia are not ashamed of struggling. Allowing kids to struggle also allows them to build up confidence and learn from their mistakes. It is shocking that people in America shoot struggle down so harshly, embracing struggle in America would be helpful because kids in America are expected to know alot and to struggle little. In America we have allowed struggle to become something that kids dont want to do and are embarassed to do which creates problems because then they are afraid to ask questions which ultimatley leads to low grades. America encourages good grade and have high expectations but we should allow struugle to, struggle will ultimatley lead to success.

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