Friday, November 16, 2012

To Predict Dating Success, The Secrets in Pronouns by, Alix Spiegel explains what certain words in the American language mean and why people use them.

In the article Pennebaker looks into the words that make conversaitions more interesting. Pennebaker explains that common things that people talk about while dating is family, life, and friends. In this article he explores the use and importance of pronouns and why people use them so much. Pennebaker explains that when humans talk that pronous just come to us without a thought and it doesnt mean that it is grammatically correct thats just how we speak. When reading this article it was interesting to see what Pennebaker thought about how americans speak. Reading this article also made me realize that most of what is said by people isnt usually grammatically correct. Pennebakers job is to look into the english launguage and I had no idea there was such a job. Reading this article gave a new meaning to grammar and how it is used on a daily bases and how its not always grammatically correct.

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