Sunday, October 28, 2012


"The article Moab man embrasses simple life living in a cave" by, Jason Bevlin demonstrates a life without society which is a simple life.

The article "Moab man embrasses simple life living in a cave" by Jason Belvin is inspiring becuase it shows a man whos lives nine years basically without society. Daniel Seulo is a forty eight year old man who lives in the wild and proves that it is possible to live without society. Many people now a days could in the world now a days problably would not be able to go nine years without cell phones or computers or the comforts of there home and Daniel did it for nine years. Even though without society he probably would not of been able to live in the middle of no where for nine years he still managed to live completely alone without a phone or computer or even a house. He allowed people to look at life differently and to not be so relient of society.

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