Tuesday, September 11, 2012

High school, only shorter

The text "High School, Only Shorter" by Sue Shellenbrager explains how a kid graduates high school early by doing extra work. in this text Sue talks about how Nicolas Myers graduated high school early because he took required seniors classes when he didn't need to. She also talks about how he felt graduating early and what sacrifices he had to make by getting his credits early. Nicolas Myers had to skip his senior prom a a trip to new York because he had graduated early, but those are the sacrifices he had to make to get to college when he was 18.  Nicolas Myers sacrificed a lot but said it was worth it and that high schoolers should get as much college credits as they can.  Getting all those college credits and graduating high school so early got him very far in life.
              "High School, Only Shorter" by Sue Shellenbrager was interesting, because doing extra work and making time to do all that takes patience because you have to sacrifice a lot. I could not believe that someone put all that time and effort into getting all of his college credits. Also another thing that surprised me was that he was willing to sacrifice so much to do classes that were required for seniors. He got so much and so far in life because he took the responsibility to do more then he needed to and that encouraged me to do more things that and to put more effort into what i do even if it means to sacrifice things. I should do more then I'm asked it will get me farther in life.

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